All-in-one analytics for your SaaS business

Probe is SaaS analytics software. It integrates with tools you are using to run your business and gives you access to financial and customer support metrics with one simple Slack command.

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Probe automates reporting for subscription-based businesses. You can easily annotate any data point and share reports with your investors or employees.

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Probe Slack bot

Our Slack application allows you to access your data by running one simple command.

The /probe <metric name> command will show you a graph with the data you are looking for.

You can connect Probe with your Stripe, Intercom account or send your data to us via our public API.


Total MRR

This command shows you a linear graph representing your total MRR over the last 6 months. You can run /probe mrr weekly to see the same data in a weekly resolution.

Customer Support

Time to reply

This command shows you a linear graph showing what is the average time to first reply on your support tickets.
/probe time to reply weekly will show the same data in a weekly resolution.

Metric segmentation

Get deeper understanding of your metrics by using segmentation.

Connect HubSpot and pick customer/company properties and we will synchronize them for you to segment by Marketing Channel, Industry or Country.

You can also use our public API to enrich your customers with segmentation attributes.

Weekly Status Updates

Every week Probe will compile your performance over the last 7 days into a report and deliver it on Slack.

You will get visibility of all your key metrics and a comparison with your performance in the preceeding week.

Configure when and where you want reports delivered and never miss updates on your progress!

Use integration or add data manually

Using different tools? Integrate with our public API or contact us

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