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Probe automates your monthly business reporting. You can easily annotate any data point and share reports with your investors or employees.


Probe gives you one place to store all of your subscriptions and customers. Once data is there you can create business report with one click.
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Add a description to help your colleagues understand what is happening in your business.
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Share prepared reports with colleagues or investors. Send them a link and invite them to collaborate.
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Keep discussions in one place. Your colleagues can ask questions and provide feedback right on the report.

Our clients

"There is no way Stripe would have been able to incorporate our historical information to get the complete picture that we needed."

Valerie Kirk, Director of Business Operations,

Save time on creating and sharing your monthly report

Analytical library that enables you to dig deep


This chart shows your Monthly Recurring Revenue. It is the most important metric for tracking your month-to-month performance.


This chart shows you Annual Recurring Revenue. It tells you how much recurring revenue you can expect yearly, based on your current subscriptions.


This chart shows Monthly Recurring Revenue from new customers acquired during each month.

New MRR Net

New Monthly Recurring Revenue Net is equal to New MRR + Renewal + Expansion - Contraction - Churn. This is your bottom line MRR and tells you by how much you grew your business each month.

Existing MRR movement

Existing Monthly Recurring Revenue movement chart shows how your expansion, contraction, renewal and churn changes over time.


This chart shows how much of your revenue increase is the result of customers upgrading their subscription.

Works with software you are using

Look at lifetime value, MRR and other customer specific information without leaving HubSpot.

Assisted onboarding


A quick call to learn more about your business. Understand what KPIs and metrics are important to you and where do you store your data.

Data Import

We save you time and take full ownership for historical data import into Probe. We advise on the best solution for ongoing data sync.

Monthly Report

We review your account together to make sure you trust the numbers you see. We setup monthly reporting to give you visibility into your business.

Ongoing success

We collect your feedback and make sure you have the analytics you need.

Use integration or add data manually

Using different tools? Integrate with our public API or contact us

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