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Everything you need to understand and grow your revenue

Probe is all-in-one analytical platform that gives you control and deep understanding of the financial performance of your company

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All of your customers in one place

One go to place to get all information about your customer base. Any customer related custom metric at your fingertips.

Flexible all-in-one reporting platform

Everything you need to understand growth of your business, from basic revenue charts to dynamic segmentations, understanding of sold quantities, given disounts and corrections.

Access details behind every chart and calculation

Data trust is critical for the success of any analytics. You can access details of every metric we show and close your month with confidence that you have not missed a thing.

Assisted onboarding

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A discovery discussion to understand what metrics are important to you and where you store your data.

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Data import

We save you time and take full responsibility for historical data import into Probe and ensure data quality.

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Monthly report

We review your account together to make sure you trust the numbers you see. We work to set up the best solution for data sync.

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Ongoing success

We collect your feedback and automate ongoing data collection so it requires no further work.

Supporting your specific use case

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Unstructured data

Calculate your saas metricts from unstructured data such as issued invoices.

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Customer identity

Identify customer by other than default attributes, like VAT ID to make it easier on your operations.

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Data presentation

Group selected product names into one category or build flexible segmentations representing your business needs.

Use integration or add data manually

Using different tools? Integrate with our public API or contact us

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