Probe Value Screen

Real time reporting for your business

Probe gives you a real time report with your most important business metrics. You can easily annotate any data point and share reports with your investors or employees.

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Why working with us

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Flexible pricing matching your scale starting from just $99 monthly.


Giving you our evaluation of your results and advising the best ways to measure your business.

Trust in metrics

We walk the extra mile to delivers accurate business metrics.


We handle many currencies and give you options on how to handle fluctuating exchange rates.

Past-due payments

Correct handling of your past due payments with flexible churn window.

Manual overwrite

Ability to manually overwrite the data that was synced from your invocing software.

Flexible integrations

We can integrate with your local invoicing software and extend our integration library.

Read-only mode

You can share results in read-only mode with your investors.

Great service

We strive to deliver great level of support, usually it takes us only 1-2 weeks to incorparate your product feedback.

Layers abstruct
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Use our extensive analytical library to create ongoing real time reports describing performance of your business.

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Use flexible segmentation and advanced analytics like cohorts for more insights.

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Share prepared reports with colleagues or investors. Send them a link and invite them to collaborate.

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Full control

Access the details of each calculation to understand every customer contribution to the result.

Save time on creating and sharing your monthly report

Assisted onboarding

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A discovery discussion to understand what metrics are important to you and where do you store your data.

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Data import

We save you time and take full ownership for historical data import into Probe and endure data quality.

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Monthly report

We review your account together to make sure you trust the numbers you see. We advise on the best solution for ongoing data sync.

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Ongoing success

We collect your feedback and automate ongoing data collection so it requires no further work.

Supporting your specific use case

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Unstructured data

Calculate your saas metricts from unstructured data such as issued invoices.

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Customer identity

Identify customer by other than default attributes, like VAT ID to make it easier on your operations.

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Data presentation

Group selected product names into one category or build flexible segmentations representing your business needs.

Use integration or add data manually

Using different tools? Integrate with our public API or contact us

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