case-study Q&A

How Edrone uses Probe to replace its in-house BI

Lukasz Chwistek

Project & Operations Manager at Edrone

What do you do at Edrone?

Project & Operations Manager, reporting directly to CEO.

What’s the problem that Probe is solving for you?

What is not measured, cannot be managed. It is worth emphasizing two key management levels on which Probe provides high value.

Firstly, perhaps you are aware that in order to grow as a SaaS business, you need to acquire new customers and - to counteract churn - take proper care of those who have already joined. Over time, as the number of clients increases significantly, it becomes crucial to identify their movements. New MRR combined with expansion, renewal, contraction and churn sheds detailed light on how your business is growing or - which may seem unobvious despite the high new sales level - does not grow as expected.

Secondly, Probe broadens your SaaS KPIs knowledge. New MRR net & gross, Churn net & gross, Churn & Retention cohorts, LTV, LTV/CAC or Quick Ratio are no longer a theory. They are part of your business, identified and analyzed over time.

The better you understand key metrics the greater the value and monetization of your business.

Which other solutions have you tried before Probe? Why did they fail?

ERP enova365 collects all financial data, while not giving any space for key C-Level feedback from the SaaS business model point of view. Along with the increase in the number of customers and the expansion of the product offer.

Our in-house BI solution lost its effectiveness and required too much commitment in relation to the results.

What was important for you when trying to solve this problem?

Speed, availability, clarity and flexibility of information sought.

What did the implementation process look like?

Discovery call, data import, monthly report - all crowned with ongoing success. These four checkpoints allowed me to catch the outline of the process. But the process itself is in-depth - includes as many iterations as required to let you feel that you trust your data in Probe. No rush, being convinced is paramount for Probe.

How did it change after adopting Probe? Did it become easier? Faster? Do you have any numbers to back this up?

Ensured on-demand access to financial data and a series of SaaS metrics.

With Probe Every C-Level Manager is able to prepare their own individual data set to focus deeply on what is relevant to their departments. ETA? In the blink of an eye.

Anything else you wanna add?

Attitude towards clients - top level support!